Mattias Härenstam

Untitled (Raining Stones)

Single Channel Video 2004. Color. DV PAL. Duration: 3 min 31 sec.

A desolate landscape in the outskirts of a city, a park with suburban housing projects in the background. Dark clouds travel fast across a blue sky. Sudden shifts of light. A single wind-torn tree in the middle of a flooded pond.
The splash of a stone falling into the water, followed by another and yet another. A boy passes by without taking notice. It gradually grows into a hailstorm of raining stones, making the calm water boil. The boy returns, still taking no interest. And then the "rain" stops, just as suddenly as it started.


Shown for the first time at Kunsthalle Lophem, Bruges, Belgium in 2004. Later also at Bring a friend, Felleshus, Nordische Botschaften, Berlin 2005, 3rd Space, NABROAD, II Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, 2010 and in November 2012 it was shown at 25th Les Instantes Video Festival in Marseille and Alexandria, Egypt.
  It was also part of the exhibition "between appropriation and interventions", curated by Harald Theiss and first shown at Christianssand Fine Arts Society, Kristiansand, Norway Oct - Nov 2011 and later at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin March - April 2013. In June 2013 it was shown at the exhibition "Traversées: Entre villes et déserts", Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Japan.