Mattias Härenstam

The Vigeland Museum, Oslo

On Thursday Feb 18th, Mattias Härenstams' first museum solo show opens at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo. The show, titled Weaknesses, secrets, lies stays open until May 15th and will be the broadest presentation of Härenstams' work so far. Five brand new sculptures in wood and, for the first time, also in stone will be presented at the show. More info on and images of the new work here: ControlPatriarchDesireWeaknesses, Secrets, Lies I (Leak) and Weaknesses, Secrets, Lies II (Hidden). The new work is accompanied by a number of older works such as Sketches for a re-animationI know you are thereThe Diary of the Unknown ConsumerPortrait of a man reminiscent of my father and a selection of the wood cut prints. Opening hours and other info at the Museum page.