Mattias Härenstam


Shortfilm, 2017. 15 min 57 sec. DCP. Color. Stereo.

   Anders sits alone in his car. He screams at everything and nothing in a fit of futile fury and desperation. Everything seems to be collapsing around him on all levels. He, a former top achiever as real estate agent and well off family father in his early forties, just can’t understand what is wrong with him and the world. And not being able to even start to address his problems, he is isolating himself from family, friends and colleagues.
    Part psychological drama and part dark political satire, Prospect deals with the fear of failure and what happens when former winners start to lose. The fear of loss of power and control as a driving force behind the return of fascism in midst of the Scandinavian welfare state. There is always someone else to blame, someone completely blameless.


Written and directed by Mattias Härenstam
Produced by Helga Fjordholm and Silja Espolin Johnson / Studio Fjordholm

Anders – Jesper Malm
Sylvi – Oddrun Valestrand
Ketil – Frode Winther
Solveig – Kikki Stormo
Christian – Terje Ranes
Maria – Melina Tranulis
Sofie – Edith Haagenrud-Sande

Director of photography: Nils Petter Lotherington
Assistant director: Per Teljer
Editor: Ida Kolstø
Sound designer: Erik Ljunggren
Production sound: Erik Ljunggren, Rune Baggerud
Casting: Cecilie Enersen
Costume: Runa Carlsen
Makeup: Trine Morland
First camera assistant: Tor Edvin Eliassen
Second camera assistant: Lars Øymo
Production coordinator: Alette Schei Rørvik
Set decorator: Hanna Fauske
Production assistant: Jacob Kronen
Colorist: Christian Berg-Nielsen / Sement & Betong
Visual effects: Carl Granström
Special effects: Kai Kolstad Rødseth
DCP production: Knut Erik Evensen
Subtitles: Nick Norris
Accounting: Lars Lien / Hurd Regnskap AS
Consultant Norwegian Film Institute: Åse Meyer
Production Counsellor Norwegian Film Institute: Ingrid Festøy Ottesen
Extras: Ivan Vasile, Petrica Vasile, Alette Schei Rørvik, Carsten Aniksdal, Øystein Holm Bergesen, Martin Sokrates Anda, Mattias Härenstam

Produced with the support of the Norwegian Film Institute and Arts Council Norway.